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About The Project

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InsidePlant is like a microblogging application focused specifically on plants but in a more rewarding manner along with several other features. It rewards users when they water their plants or read blogs about how to take care of plants and when they ask or answer any question related to plants of other users. InsidePlant is trying to educate the user about plant and their care instructions. It is observed that in modern lifestyle everyone wants plant in their home but taking care of plants seems extra burden to many of us. Since InsidePlant is incentivizing this whole burden this caring thing will become rewarding and playful to the users. On the other hand, InsidePlant is providing a way for professional gardeners and botanists to reach these less experienced users to educate and answer their queries through blogs and qna sections. In return, professionals will receive a good amount of income.

To make the whole experience fun and exciting, we tried gamifying the user experience by adding the Leaderboard section, Weekly challenges. By the gamification of the app, users are going to interact away more with our platform or we can say, they learn more about plants.

Once the user reached a certain amount of points in the app, he/she can exchange them into play station 4, iPhone 12, etc.

Built With

InsidePlant App Ui is developed on figma.


  1. Click on th link to open figma prototype https://www.figma.com/proto/66vahwye89Uw6Slyl4y94r/Bravo-Plant-Test?page-id=5%3A233&node-id=5%3A234&viewport=1833%2C46%2C0.370876669883728&scaling=scale-down


See the video.


Nishit Mangal - @gone_totally - nishitmangalyt@gmail.com

Project Link: github.com

Built With

  • figma
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