Why is the art we experience today flat on a wall? When we thought about the museum experience today, we remembered getting reprimanded for experiencing it too closely—"Excuse me, step away from the art please!"

To us, that felt like a stiff interaction. These artists depicted entire worlds and fantasies. How can we use technology today to revive old masterpieces, and add an extra layer of exploration and life?

What it does

InsideArt is our concept for 3D worlds modeled after visual art. Our project illustrates three well-known paintings: Grant Wood's American Gothic, Botticelli's Birth of Venus, and Magritte's Son of a Man.

How I built it

Our team of four consisted of two developers and two designers. We used the IMVU API and Unity3d to create a virtual environment. We extracted general features from famous artworks and dressed up our avatars to represent its characters.

Challenges I ran into

Learning the APIs was a bit of a hurdle. We think that we have a solid platform to integrate what we've done into a real role play game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made art cool, and the name of the paintings stuck in the head of everyone who experienced it.

What I learned

We built this application in record time. Having the rigged characters ready for you saves a huge amount of time.

What's next for Inside Art

We want to create an environment where people can get together to enact famous artworks. We would provide pictures of famous masterpieces and create the background giving people the opportunity to dress up and reenact those scenes with their friends in virtual reality, walking through and around the different elements of the paintings. This could eventually lead to big reenactment competitions!

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