In fact, what Inspired me most for this project is my imagination and my love for meditation.

What it does

The lens performs an interactive process of opening and closing the mouth

How we built it

I built my project first with Cinema4D program, because I made a hollow skull, then I collected many models from sketchfab, then I put everything I made and collected in Lens Studio, and I made two skulls, each with a different shape, and I connected them with the behavior of opening and closing the mouth.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging I faced was the size of the models (because Lens Studio has a specific size), and also how to make the models proportional. That's why I added many effects, for example when opening the mouth there is a glowing mask on the face.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really proud that I made a lens out of two lenses because each head shape is a separate lens and that was a beautiful thing I made

What we learned

I learned many of this work first, patience because I designed it more than once, and also added some new material to me about 3D models, and how to make the lens interactive with the person.

What's next for inside my head

I think there will be more fantasies about what is in my head, and I will make more lenses that tell what is happening in my imagination

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