Looking at common things people enjoy doing everyday. Ultimately it came down to taking self portraits, which instagram has been able to feed off tremendously, and listening to music.

What it does

Inside Aud unleashes your mind's inner playlist at the touch of a single button. Snap a selfie and a mood-based playlist will match your facial expression.

How I built it

Android Application Started off by doing a test application with the indico API for its facial recognition and the spotify API for our songs. Then mimicking an Instagram like camera screen for the selfies.

Web Application Working with the node.js version of the API's

Challenges I ran into

The Indico Android API was buggy, so really spending time debugging before being able to actually test it out. Integrating Indico and Spotify together after an unnecessary Indico New Folder was added to the main application. Not being able to figure out how to get the node.js-only API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building an almost complete android application alone within 24 hours. Being able to demo the web version of our application.

What I learned

Integrate ASAP. Surprisingly, do not depend on a company to be able to fix their own API.

Built With

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