Not Doodle Jump, that's for sure.

What it does

It goes up. The numbers go up. It also goes sideways, to a certain extent. Very differently from the way Doodle Jump does.

How I built it

Perseverance, sugar, and dank memes. And not Doodle Jump.

Challenges I ran into

Doodle Jump kept trying to copy me. Also, I had never used Android Studio or built an Android app before yesterday.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How very un-Doodle-Jump-esque this glorious creation is.

What I learned

Literally everything I know about Android programming.

What's next for the project

If we're being frank, probably nothing. I'm a busy dude. But it might be fun to fix it up a bit and slap it on the Play Store. Definitely wouldn't have any real competition. Especially not from Doodle Jump.

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