About Our Project

As students we often struggle to maintain our productivity, especially during the lockdown when our days feel monotonous. To truly help students balance work life and strive for productivity, we created an app based on a reward system. First, the user enters their tasks for that day and sets a timer for how long they’ll take to complete that task. Once, they complete the task, they are able to choose which reward they want to claim. For instance, after finishing math homework in 2 hours, they treat themselves to a cup of coffee. The cup of coffee is a motivating factor for the user to complete their task. We started off by brainstorming and iterating ideas that we as students would find useful. After wire framing our prototype, we created the front end on Wix and the backend on an API, using Javascript, HTML, and CSS.


Students gathered on Zoom discussing the growing desire to watch Netflix, read, scroll through social media, do anything but their tasks at hand.

What it does

The user inputs the tasks and time they need to complete as well as their desired rewards. Then, the algorithm generates a reward for every task depending on how productive the user was.

How we built it

With a limited timeframe, we utilized Wix's services to build the minimalistic front-end while utilizing the developer mode to input our custom Javascript back-end. We worked together on a Repl.it to combine our backend js files and worked on creating multiple classes, objects, and functions for each functionality. We implemented a feature to add to our task list, delete items from our task list, and reorder our task list.

Challenges we ran into

Having a complex idea meant implementation had to be sacrificed somewhat under the limit of time constraints. It was a struggle to decide what features were most essential, but we ultimately decided to focus on the creation of the task and rewards lists, and the functionality to add/delete/reorder these lists.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our template and wire frame came together nicely, as well as some of our functionality that we weren't sure would work. It was an experience to have to put this all together within just a few hours, but we are proud of our final project and want to continue developing it even further in the future.

What we learned

We mainly learned how to use Wix. None of us have any experience using Wix, so learning how to use that as our main platform was rewarding.

What's next for Reward Yourself

We want to build a scoring algorithm to rate the user's productivity depending on the amount of time they spend on each task and implement a tiered reward system.

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