Simple bookmarklet app for sending text.
You can send url or text messages using thisbookmarklet and SMS.


  • Any browser any mobile devices OK
  • You can get message at your smartphone in an instant. (Dont need sync or recieve data from cloud)
  • You can also send message at your web browser in an instant. (Dont need some embarrassing buttons.)

Target User

Men of today.
If you wanna go to bed soon but can't stop watching a web site which is really interesting, you send url to your smartphone sometime. And then, you continue browsing on your mobile in the bed.
But I can't use any mailer or sync notes because these apps take a time.
Just using js + SMS is most simple way to send text to mobile.
Furthermore, SMS is only way what is all mobile device can run on.

Using API

Use twilio-api for SMS

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