Team WARP - Number 6

What does it do?

Our app allows users in the Pacific NorthWest to view what local produce is in season each month of the year.

What problem does it try to solve? What was the inspiration behind the project idea?

We wanted to create something that would be useful and beneficial for everyday people. We decided to create a project that would educate and encourage users to buy local, in-season produce since we believe that this lifestyle change is attainable for many in the Pacific NorthWest, where environmentally friendly initiatives are generally highly regarded. Buying locally and in-season reduces food expenses, serving as an initiative to reduce users’ carbon footprint.

What is your stack? What language did you program it in? What API’s did you use?

We wrote our app in JavaScript, Node.JS and React, and did not use any APIs.

Which part was the most difficult to implement and why?

As our group members are all still beginners, we took this hackathon as an opportunity to learn new technologies. Therefore, learning how to use the router functionality of React was the most difficult part to implement.

What are the next steps to complete the project?

Ideally, we would have liked to create an in-app point system to further incentivize users to attain points and reduce their carbon footprint. Instead of only viewing a list of seasonal produce items, users would click on the produce they want to buy and view how much their carbon emissions are reduced by buying local and in-season, rather than as an imported good, translating to points.

Also, we would have liked to enable users to connect with their friends, using the app to cultivate some friendly competition, further incentivizing communities to use the app.

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