The hashtag #HackingForGood inspired us to create a solution that supports charitable organizations.

What it does

InquisitiveMind is a platform where we connect inspirational people and curious kids, enabling them to virtually attend live Q&A sessions across multiple devices and platforms.

How I built it

Christie and I used Google Docs to keep track our research, and use the brainstorming tool to help collaborate online. Finally, we use Google Slides for our presentation.

Challenges I ran into

We don't know how to merge audio with video. Later we found out Windows 10 allows us to capture screen activity by pressing Win+Alt+R to start the recording.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we have completed our first project at a Hackathon.

What I learned

We learned from this Hackathon teamwork is a personal responsibility. Being part of a team is one thing, but fulfilling the responsibilities as a team member can sometimes be a challenge.

What's next for InquisitiveMind

We hope our idea gets implemented!

Built With

  • googleslides
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