As High School students in demanding courses, we recognize that many of our peers experience trouble asking their teachers and friends for academic help. Often times, students suffering from a lack of resoruces and confidence resort to online answer keys and forgo the process of learning. Unfortunately, such habits may result in an inability for students to understand concepts on their own. In an effort to combat this occurance, we thoroughly reviewed several combinations of educational tools and selected those most appropriate for our hack. An appealing and easy to use frontend utilizes Bootstrap for a smooth graphical user interface. This efficient layout allows users to navigate between subjects and tools easily. The site presents four specialized services: a dynamic chat to discuss educational topics, a whiteboard to convey concepts, a quizzing applet to assess skills, and a Q&A forum to ask questions. The web app is managed by a server runnning MongoDB, and connects to the client using, allowing our chat and whiteboard to update for all uses simultaneously. In the 36 hour hacking period we were able to complete all of our main goals for Inquiry, and began to create a framework for further additions. We will continue to develop Inquiry after the hackathon and finish these extra features. These include private servers that can be managed by individual clients, a system for adding users to a friends' list and direct messaging them, and a "reputation" system for commending helpful users.

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