Through the INprest platform, micro-entrepreneurs can apply for credit or loan at a rate of 0.25% pm and thus, all investors from around the world who are interested in stimulating economic development and turning the Brazilian economy can help promote a positive impact for the values ​​requested by the entrepreneurs.

INprest aims to be a bridge between entrepreneurs who need capital to run their business and investors who want to generate a positive impact in Brazil.

For this to occur, it is necessary to register on our platform where the applicant must send company data such as name, cnpj and description of the project stating why they need the credit and what improvements are planned to be made with it, after which investors must portfolio of entrepreneurs where I analyze which company wants to invest. One of our differentials is the ease of payment, which can be through CELO's Valora platform or through the supply of products sought by the entrepreneur. The method of payment must be chosen before signing the virtual contract and the method of shipping the goods pre-defined by the parties, for payment in cash as pre-defined installments in the contract, and the Valora application must be used where both parties already will be pre-registered.

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