We’re academic drug information centers that respond to healthcare providers' questions with evidence. We came together to form a remote, nationwide network and built technology to access that network with one touch.

Now, Alexa enables us providers' to submit drug information requests with zero touches...completely contactless.

What it does

We take any clinical question, any time, from anywhere- and return a custom, evidence - based response.

How we built it

As pharmacists, we're used to the scientific method. We experiment, learn, then experiment again.

We started with current InpharmD users, asked them how they use Alexa already and how they may imagine using it in a post COVID-19 world. We designed, released, iterated, and after five versions, totally moved the pharmacist out of the pocket and into a voice assistant.

Challenges we ran into

Healthcare is slow. But, this is an advantage as it allows us to take our time and get it right.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

InpharmD was the fastest growing business in Georgia in 2019.

What we learned

Topping any drug, procedure, or device, the randomized, controlled trial may be medicine’s best invention as it tells us which interventions are safe and effective.

What's next for InpharmD, your mobile drug information center

Now, we invest in artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize our network and voice to make it easier to connect.

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