Working on Patient Flow has inspired to make something that can make communication simpler and minimize delay to provide higher quality care.

  1. The name of your submission Inpatient Bed Demand Status Notification & Action System

  2. A text description of your submission and its features The submission is under the category: Care Provider Communication. The Prototype is an Application that logs into the EMR and identifies the number of patients who are admitted in the Emergency Department who are waiting for an inpatient bed. The prototype application compares the number waiting to notification criteria and sends an electronic message to appropriate personnel based on the demand status. It also sends the relevant checklist of potential actions for that status to standardize and accelerate appropriate response to changes in demand, minimizing communication delays and potential operational errors. The first screen describes the criteria and moves to the second screen when clicked anywhere on the device window. The second screen is a snapshot of the Emergency Department EMR and an arrow indicating the number of patients waiting for a bed. The image moves to the third screen when clicked anywhere on the device window. The third screen is interactive, allowing judges to change sample numbers of admitted patients. The reviewer can select a number of admitted patients from the dropdown menu and press “Submit”. The application will then demonstrate how alerts and emails are transmitted to personnel depending on the number of admitted patients and the notification criteria (fourth screen). The final screen is activated when the appropriate recipient clicks on the ok button, which opens relevant checklists and directives for improving flow and sends back an acknowledgement to the system that the message has been received. Note: A “back” button is available to return the user to the third screen to access alternative options from the drop-down list.

  3. All team members' names (only 8) The NY-P/Queens Patient Flow Bed Management Technology Workgroup

  4. The code to your prototype

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   Password: nyp2016
  1. A working prototype stage of completeness Beginning and early evolving Stage
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