We look to form partnerships in the justice system that would allow us to help them write a second chance opportunity for those undergoing community supervision. This can be youth, young females and mothers, and Veterans. On any given day, over 48,000 youth in the United States are confined in facilities away from home as a result of juvenile justice or criminal justice involvement.

This affects young adults and we strongly believe there is direct correlation between Opportunity Youth, Disconnected Youth, those in transition and Justice Involved.

What it does

InPath is a Next-Generation technical and vocational educational partner with the mission to address the under served needs of interconnected nature of disconnected youth, youth in transition and justice involved individuals and provide a way to more education and career opportunities in the tech field.

InPath will provide in-demand technology training and certifications to the under served groups (detailed above) and build partnerships with organizations and companies looking to mentor ,as well as, hire for interns and full time employees from those groups.

The portal will allow students to choose courses and build their professional profiles that will track education goals achieved, qualifications, and certifications. Partner organizations and corporations will be able to view potential candidates that match their needs.

How we built it

The main InPath site link is already built, we build the InPath Pivot portal as a progressive web application to go with the site. It will provide a user interface for managing courses, education milestones, qualifications and certifications for student users, instructors, and administrators. It will also be a way for organizations and corporations to search and find potential applicants.

We utilized the Azure Power Apps tool to create the various portal apps and components of each app. We modified the HTML and CSS to customize the look of the app. We also created a chatbot to add an additional service to help students and other users.

Challenges we ran into...

Some functionality that we would like to have for student profile enhancements had to shift to a later version in the product roadmap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of...

Pulling together a functioning progressive web app education management platform that can be used now to help the under served groups! InPath can take this and reach out to education, justice system, mentorship, and employment partners and begin building bridges for student users.

What we learned

We were really happy to interact with the Microsoft team and gain support for utilizing the Power Apps option which worked best for our needs.

What's next for InPath Pivot

The goal is to get the portal up and running and launch it with InPath's students, stakeholders, and partners by early 2021. InPath's goal is to channel applicants, in the Detroit area and from one of the groups described above, as possible through the various educational tracks and certifications and ultimately internships for next summer. Additionally, we'll be working with justice system partners to help Justice Involved gain training and find full time employment.

Built With

  • adobexd
  • azure
  • canavas
  • canva
  • chatbot
  • code
  • commondatasource
  • css
  • custompowerportal
  • dynamic365
  • figm
  • html5
  • loom
  • low
  • powerapps
  • powervirtualagent
  • ui
  • ux
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