Important note: This application is based on Facebook's Send API, recently Facebook prevented individuals from publishing their apps on Facebook, and requiring you to have a business so your application gets accepted by Facebook. Because i'm an individual student, this app can't be used and tested, only me and testers that i add are able to use this messenger bot. Wish i have known earlier :(


Events like E3 or EGX Expo are big events that are usually located in a huge building where everyone can try different activities but maybe misses on some activities that they would enjoy more than others. InParty in turn tries to connect people in that event in a single chat. Smaller events can make use of InParty messenger bot as well, say you attend a tournament to play fortnite or any other game, and you need to send the game lobby code to the people who are physically sitting near you only.

What it does

Lets you join a chat room where the users are located in the event location, i.e. (E3 event), if you're away from the event, say you're in New York and the E3 event in LA, you wont be able to join the event chat. Anyone can create an event chat (party) using the messenger bot, by making a special code which you can share for others to join you, and set the location of the event.

How I built it

Using Facebook's Send API, i was able to code this messenger bot in node.js (javascript) language.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the location of the user and comparing it to the location of the event.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I believe this idea is original, i didn't look much on the web, but i think no one have done this idea before, right?

What I learned

That i should never delay the work of today to tomorrow, i learned the hard way, the last two days of submissions i kept working on the bot non-stop to meet the deadline

What's next for InParty

  • Currently waiting for facebook to approve my app, currently the public can't use it. (hopefully it will be approved by the time you use my app)
  • Adding more features for the bot, like: Let users specify the radius of the event location

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