Mohit Joshi posted an update

We are developing a web application as a virtual doctor for rural people where medical facilities are not available easily. Rural areas usually lack some basic facilities like proper communication infrastructure, proper medical care etc. Sometimes its becomes very hard for the patients to get a proper treatment because of lack of awareness. So our application helps in overcoming all these challenges. Its very user friendly, easy to use and works in limited or slow connectivity.

Usually the problem starts when the doctors are not available. In such cases, villages usually have some medical worker or a medical helper who provides them medical care. Village people can help each other as a community in the first place. Our application shows all the emergency messages posted by other users. Any person can also post his problem such that anybody can help him. HE can also send distress calls to any medical worker, which in turn can set up his meeting with a doctor. In case of slow connection, our application converts text to speech and sends it as a text message. If the doctor is unavailable, we can refer to a virtual doctor which can respond to a patient's problems and provide solutions. It uses machine learning for that.

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