While doing our research on why people in the workforce find their jobs mundane was the fact that they felt unfulfilled by the jobs they were doing and wish to be making more of an impact to their organisation and also express themselves more at the same time. We want InnovateBro to be a platform that allows users to step out of their daily tasks and push the creativity level of organisations to greater heights.

What it does

InnovateBro allows users to venture out of their daily mundane tasks and pitch innovation projects to their company. The ideator will fill up the form fields required to submit an ideation project which will display it on the feed of everyone in the company. This gives the ideator's colleagues some background of the project and also everyone know which roles are required for the project as well as the timeframe and commitment level of the project. This allows the ideator to seek feedback from colleagues through the comment function and allows other like-minded colleagues to join the ideation project if they fit into a required role. In the long run, the application will also benefit the company's productivity as employees come together to form interesting projects. Employees are also valued for their perspectives and ideas, increasing employee engagement.

How we built it

We used the MERN stack for the web-application and used TailwindCSS to style the components.

Challenges we ran into

We faced challenges storing the user information across states and were as such unable to make the comment feature work and we were also unable to display the users currently in the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that this could be viable solution to bring joy to people in the workforce as they get to escape from their mundane daily work and embark on projects that are meaningful to them. This also allows them to feel empowered to take charge and express their ideas freely.

What we learned

As it was a first time for the both of us, we had to learn while implementing many functions along the way. Our biggest takeaways came from deeper understanding of the workings of the techstack we used. We also learnt about the difficulties of creating an entire web-application within such a short timeframe.

What's next for InnovateBro

InnovateBro is going to include gamification elements, where managers can provide experience points to the members of innovation projects that have reached certain milestones and show potential to make a positive impact on the organisation. These experience points can then be exchanged for rewards with the organisation such as for discount vouchers and/or additional leave. Employees with high experience points can also be recognised for their efforts. It can also be explored for managers to be attached to the projects, and afford the team critical feedback as the team progresses. It can also be explored for adhoc tasks to be included. For example, if a team needs a designer to design a poster for one-off project, it can be arranged as well. This will allow crowd sourcing of skills available in the company through this platform. The platform can also be used as a project log, to document important milestones and where others can comment and provide feedback or motivate them.

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