How was the Food Waste built?

The website was built meticulously according to the audience's needs, and their specific requirements. The front end of the website is built with Typescript and CSS, followed by Javascript for the back end. The entire planning of the website pages has been done using Figma.

Challenges we ran into

While creating the website, numerous difficulties arose. These were administrative in addition to technological. The major issue is how much content should be included. It was difficult to organize the concepts for the many website pages.

What we learned?

We take pride in having demonstrated exceptional qualities by not only identifying an issue but also working to provide a solution for it. We have learned a lot about ourselves as well as the subject of food waste thanks to the project. The urge to assist and improve things is something we all share.

Our mission: Being a human depends on having food. Despite the fact that we rely on it so much, we give it very little value. People are unaware of the quantity of food that is wasted daily in the form of leftovers and unused or expired foods. In the US, one-third of the food produced goes unconsumed. Putting these enormous facts aside, we were inspired by the straightforward dining halls found in universities. With former food service employees on the team, there were many tales of food waste to be told. Every Friday night was marked by discarding a complete carton of milk that had been used just once. Our idea was motivated by witnessing all of this fresh food go to waste. We wanted to create a platform to recycle all of this food that is carelessly thrown away and instead provide it to shelters for the homeless.

What the website does Innovate Waste is a web application that allows an individual to help towards the reduction of food waste. A platform with many possibilities for recycling food as opposed to tossing it out. The application is interactive and also raises awareness about food waste by letting the user take a quiz that would inform them about waste and then provide suggestions to make easy changes in their daily routines to reduce food waste.

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