Running out of hackathon ideas? Wanna build a startup but don't know where to start? Need some inspiration?

Here is where Innovate Hub comes in. Innovate Hub collects all pain points, stories, challenges, and problems faced by normal humans like you and me, and presents them in categories for hackers to solve.

Ideally, this will help solve problems/ challenges with no existing solutions and help hackers/ founders to find opportunities, facilitate cross-country and interdisciplinary collaboration, and make the world a better place.

What it does

The platform allows users to describe their problems, upload media (photos/ audio/ video), and react to other's pain.

Hackers can browse different problems and take up the challenge. By taking up the challenge, hackers can contact the author for more details and conduct interviews. Hackers can also see what other hackers have done in the past and why they failed so they are not wasting their effort on the same approaches.

Hackers are encouraged to post regular updates on tackling the challenge.


  • Users can login/ register

  • Users can setup their profile with personal information including location/ timezone/ language/ occupation/ skills/ education background erc.

  • On the home page, users can view popular challenges and filter them by category & popularity

  • Users can post a problem/ challenge - describe their problems, upload media (photos/ audio/ video)

  • Users can view others' projects, apply to join a project, or create their own project

  • Users can message other users via the platform

How we built it

App architecture

Users will access the web app via domain, which is handled by the app engine that talks to the react app. We built the front-end of the web app using react and backend using django and google cloud platform, and use google firebase for authentication, which sends data to MySQL database.

Low fidelity wireframe using balsamiq

During the brainstorming phase, we laid out the features that we wanted and experimented with design - playing around with what fits on which page.

High fidelity wireframe using Figma

After finalizing the features and pages that we wanted, we used Figma to plan out what our application looks like.

React for front-end development

Two of our developers created all of the presentational components, styling, and navigation while the other developer created the logic which stores and retrieves information into our Firebase and MySQL.

Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, django, and MySQL for back-end development

  • Firebase is backed up by GCP's very secure storage and is used to store a user's login credentials, profile, and settings.

  • MySQL for database management

Challenges we ran into

  • Time zone was a challenge, as we have 4 different time zones and not all developers are awake at the same time. However, we are able to overcome this through effective communication and planning.

  • None of us is proficient with react, and we learnt a lot of using react for web development.

  • We tried to point the web app we created to the customized domain we got from (, however, we faced some issues with DNS configuration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have completed the UI Design (with stretch goals) and app development.

What we learned

We learnt a lot about using react, mysql and firebase for web development.

What's next for Innovate Hub

New Features

Team portal

  • Team lead can view applications to their project and accept new members


  • Users can donate or raise funding via the platform
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