About Me:

I am a writer, crafter, artist, and marketing professional. I grew up playing with Barbie dolls while never quite accepting the commercial and superficiality of the doll and all of her pink accessories. Since the age of 8, I've been designing and sewing clothes for my dolls and creating furniture and other accessories by hand. As an adult this has blossomed into a passion-filled hobby.


I love working with miniatures and re-purposing objects. One thing I've noticed is how hard it is to find modern and innovative furniture for Barbie-sized dolls. Today's doll furniture is either too expensive or too cheap and boring. Learning about product design and 3D modeling during Technica's design workshop, I was inspired to explore furniture design. I 3D printed a doll bed with the help of the awesome instructor Syed Rahman and I also drafted an idea for an accompanying dresser in the program Sketchup.

What it does:

Serves as an alternative to other doll furniture on the market and explores the possibilities of miniature creations for Barbie.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to turn an idea into something tangible.

What I learned

The importance of prototyping. I went through a lot of iterations before coming up with my final design.

What's next for "Inno-varbie: 3D printed Barbie furniture"

I think 3D printed doll furniture is the future. I'm excited to explore future projects after I leave Technica!

Built With

  • sketchup
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