Helping the volunteers of the Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) charity in Dublin, Ireland, who go out on the streets each night bringing food, clothes, information and comfort to the homeless.

What it does

We created a native mobile app (iOS and Android) for the ICHH volunteers for them to use during their nightly work on the streets, replacing the clipboards and paper they used to use. All the data they collect via the apps is sent in real-time to a new backend we've created on AWS, with a new website with reporting utilities (charts and tables) to give the charity a digital set of data to support their work.

The solution went live in January 2020 with one data-collecting feature - during this hackathon we've added functionality to digitise two more paper-based processes: a new data-entry screen on the S3-hosted website (using a new Lambda and API Gateway resource) and added a stock-taking feature to the solution to allow the volunteers to digitally record when they are low on stock, send it to the backend and to mail their storehouse directly. This new functionality included new development on AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and AWS SES.

How we built it

Native apps - iOS (Swift). & Android (Java) Website - React.js on S3, with API Gateway, Cloudfront, RDS, Route 53, SES, Cognito and Amazon Certificate Manager. The monthly run-cost is only approx $20 - giving the charity an incredibly low-cost real-time solution.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding what best to create to offer the most value to the volunteers - we went out with them at nightime to see and learn firsthand about their work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Helping people who give their free time to help those who need it the most.

What we learned

It's possible to create a cloud-based low-cost solution for charities that will make a huge difference to their operations.

What's next for Inner City Helping Homeless

We'll continue to add more features to the solution, using AWS, and based on continued feedback from the volunteers.

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