It takes a lot for an individual to express their thoughts and feelings. There are many who often feel the need to bottle their own emotions. This website app was inspired to help connect those who are in need of talking to someone at that very moment, in order to find their Inner Circle.

What it does

Inner Circle is a website app made to connect those who are in need at that very moment. While keeping ourselves anonymous, safe from the fear of judgment, each individual is free to express their thoughts and feelings out of their own headspace.


The biggest challenges our team faced were large time zone differences, having little to no experience in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript while having the small time constraint to learn almost all technical skills from scratch. Most to all functions and coding were learned over day and night with the help of our mentors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel most accomplished for getting to work and adapt together as a team. Even though we all had different ideas starting, feeling limited to what we could actually finish, we managed to adapt and give our best to creating something we all felt strong for. We completed the project as much as possible and learned a lot about how to implement CSS /HTML / Javascript functions into a website as well as sharpen our skills in Figma / prototyping.

What we learned

Apart from learning more of CSS, HTML, JavaScript within the 24 hours, the biggest thing we learned was adapting together as a team to help bring our ideas into a creative delivery for those who are in need.

What's next for Inner Circle

Making this small start into something greater.

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