What it does

Inky is a desktop pet! He can:

  • be dragged around
  • sleep on right click and wake up on left click
  • eat planets and a chicken if he is close enough
  • watch you drag a planet or a chicken around your screen
  • share his thoughts with you when you hover your mouse over him

How we built it

Java Swing and pixel art!

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some bugs with changing Inky's state. For example, he would not stop eating even when the planet was far away from him. We had to adjust how we checked for planet-Inky proximity. We also had trouble packaging the .jar file because of our image resources. Thank you Tom Harmon for helping us!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making pixel art! And the planet changes every time Inky eats one.

What we learned

How to coordinate Java Swing components.

What's next for Inky the Black Hole Pet

More planets and thoughts if we feel like it. Maybe timely thoughts like telling you it's late when it's late. More animations, perhaps. For now, Inky is complete and any more features are a bonus!

Slack handles

Rachael Cheung: [Hacker] Rachael Cheung

Jessica Luo: Jessica Luo

Euann Gu: Euann Gu

Built With

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