I want a better way to keep track of customers, expenses, inventory and upcoming events. my husband is the artist. I'm the one who is supposed to keep track of these things and there is no organization for me to do so.

What it does

Track all of our customers, events, expenses, etc. Where are we spending too much? Where are our customers and who should reach out to in order to get more business?

How I built it

I entered many of our paper copies into Excel in order to get it organized - who are our current customers, where are they? how much did they spend? Drew out my flow chart and then

Challenges I ran into

Many to Many relationships!!! So many problems!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Things so much much better organized. I don't have to enter our reoccurring customers' names and addresses every time. I can now associate them with another session. Also, tax season will be so much easier now that our expenses are tracked. I can also keep track of upcoming events so we can get more publicity.

What I learned

So many things - creating fields, checkboxes, reports

What's next for Inky Blinders

Better organization, better spending, more engagement, more money!!

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