InkUp is the only app that lets you create working iOS apps right on your smartphone. And it's as easy as drawing them!

The Ink-Powered Mock-Up tool that turns your prototype into a working app!

The Problem

The Problem is Three-Fold

1. There's no way to develop iOS apps on mobile. When a developer is on the go and has a good, quick idea for an app, they want to be able to sketch it out fast. Unfortunately this is impossible with iOS apps.

2. If you've developed iOS apps and coded your UI out, you probably know that writing out UI can be the most frustratingly slow part of the app process. It takes a long amount of time for repetitive menial labor-- coding out button after button, label after label, view after view. You either have to guesstimate the x, y, width, and height of your views by constantly re-running the app and checking how your values turned out, or deal with the complicated mess that is Autolayout. And scaling for so many screen sizes is hard!

3. With other mock-up tools, designers spend a lot of time creating visual representations of what apps should look like. This time could be much better utilized if the designer could just draw out the app and have it automatically translate into code, without the programmer having to fiddle with the UI. The designer should be able to draw a design out and have it become an app right there.

How InkUp Solves These Problems

InkUp lets you create working iOS apps right on your smartphone. All you have to do is draw where you'd like your UI to go on the screen with your finger, and with a little coding magic and the power of WILL, your iOS UI appears! Not only that, but after it's drawn, you can change multiple attributes just as if you were working in Xcode! NOT ONLY THAT, but after you're done, InkUp will email you a WORKING COPY OF THE APP. Just plug the code into a blank Xcode project, and it'll run perfectly! How could it be better you ask? InkUp scales all of the UI for you, that's how! Now anybody, even somebody with no coding experience, can create working apps in minutes.

What's next for InkUp

The one thing that I really wanted to incorporate (but ran out of time for!) was constructive comments on mock-ups. I wanted the functionality to send people your designs, have them use WILL to ink out comments and point out flaws, and then send them right back to you. That's the next step for InkUp!

Try It Out

Download the .ipa on hockey app here

Or view the source code on GitHub!

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