A prototype argumented reality app, it's an entry submission for the Inkathon Hackathon. http://inkathon.devpost.com

Using the WILL SDK, Mixare SDK and Imgur API, it allows you uploads the drawing you make display in the real world, and not only drawings you make, but drawings that other people make.

The app has two main features: to draw and to view it in argumented reality.

At the moment, using the WILL SDK, you can do a simple sketch of anything you want with a beautiful palette of 9 different colors. Once you are done, you name it and choose any location of where you want it to pop up. It then will be anonymously uploaded to the Imgur website.

The Mixare SDK is used to project the drawings into the real world. The drawings are geolocation-based, so only drawings within your radius will show up so it doesn't bombard you with hundreds of different drawings and clutter your screen. It also depends on the cardinal direction you are facing (North, West, East and South).

The drawings will also have a link for you to click on that will lead you to the Imgur website where you can comment and continue to keep track of it.

This app brings your artistic endeavors into the real world, with a little bonus of social media added into it.

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