In the past year, the number of hospital visits and inpatient overstays has sharply risen. Along with that rise was a corresponding increase in the number of mental health issues associated with loneliness and anxiety as patients were confined to their hospital beds. Our group was personally inspired by such experiences, and decided to create an app that could help patients process and improve their emotions via journaling, while also alleviating the strain on their caretakers and loved ones.

What it does

Injourna is a journaling, emotion tracking, and communication app all-in-one. With a simple download, patients can journal about their day while Injourna's AI-powered sentiment analysis algorithms give feedback on their overall emotional state. Patients can see and opt to share their mood with their caretakers and loved ones. With a journal in hand, Injourna empowers inpatients to manage their emotions and build a support network from the comfort of their hospital bed.

How we built it

  1. Researched machine learning models for sentiment analysis, modified as needed to fit into React Native and Flask codebases
  2. Designed front-end using Figma and created low and high-fidelity mock-ups with user-centric modular design layouts in mind
  3. Confirmed market-fit by interviewing medical experts and former inpatients
  4. Illustrated branding graphics using Procreate and imported into Adobe Illustrator to create vector assets
  5. Set up Firebase to store user data created from the journals and dynamically download application parameters as needed
  6. Created test cases for ML algorithm and tested app on both device and emulator platforms
  7. Devised a landing page with Unbounce, focused on attracting downloads

Challenges we ran into

  • Pushing our machine learning model to a GitHub repository
  • Implementing emailJS for automated messaging through the app
  • Integrating machine learning into the React Native codebase

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Great teamwork and compartmentalization of tasks
  • Design and branding of the app
  • Learning and utilizing React Native (most of us had no prior experience)

What we learned

  • How to implement sentiment analysis using machine learning algorithms
  • The objective of a landing page and how to create an effective one
  • React Native can be very naughty

What's next for Injourna

  • App Store deployment for both Apple and Android devices
  • Personalized mental wellness tips throughout the day
  • Support for artwork and voice recordings in journals
  • Community platform to connect with other hospital inpatients
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