We created our websites based on technology development. We understand that jobs are really hard to find. Therefore, INJOS was created for them to look up jobs/internships more easily than before. They will also know how to apply and increase their personal skills.

What it does

INJOS will help students to reach their goal, especially their dream jobs. Just need to sign in or sign up, you will have your own account. Based on the information you provide in our website, we will try our best to give you the available internships/jobs that are suitable for yourself.

How we built it

Our first method was to go through RippleMatch’s account initiation to see where there was a potential to create something to supplement their efforts in connecting interested students with hiring companies. Through doing this we noticed that the main way to boost their matches (between students and companies) would be to better prepare the students creating profiles. In doing this, we envisioned that the students would then have a greater chance of matching with a wide range of companies (and that RippleMatch would have an easier job matching them), because students would come best prepared for the fields that they were interested in. We then worked front end (using HTML, CSS, and Javascript files) to design a website that takes in student information and allows them to take a quiz in which they can receive recommendations for the next courses and extracurriculars that they should do to be better prepared for their fields of interest.

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was determining how to best format our website to compliment that of RippleMatch and what we would recommend given the students' information since we each university’s curriculum and extracurriculars are so varied. In the end, we kept the quiz questions general and made the recommendations more personalized to accommodate all those using the website. Additionally, it was the first time many of us were doing extensive front-end code, so learning Javascript and PHP on the spot was a challenge, but very informative!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Our team could practice coding more and more. And practicing designing is really helpful for this project. The most important thing is that we can make friends. It is really fun. Also learned how to work as a team.

What's next for INJOS

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