I have often found it difficult to manage initiative order when running a D&D campaign, and as my present group share my fondness for prequel memes, I added a couple

What it does

  • Handles Initiative ordering
  • Rolls Dice and Stats (4d6 drop lowest 1)
  • Memes

How I built it

NodeJS using discord.js library

Challenges I ran into

Originally, I intended to make it in Ti BASIC, but after encountering issues with a fixed, small number of arrays and lists of strings being unobtainable, i decided to switch to a NodeJs bot for discord so the players can input their own scores from their phones

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works, and it's a project i would (and shall) use while playing D&D

What I learned

The Dark Side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be ... unnatural

What's next?

Move it onto my digital ocean server for more permanent hosting

Built With

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posted an update

Command List!

  • _d[n] to roll a dice. Supports 4,6,8,12,20,100
  • _begin begins initiative
  • _r [n] for the user's corresponding initiative roll
  • _m [name] [init mod] adds monster with given initiative mod
  • _m [init mod] adds monster with given initiative mod, name will default to "monster n"
  • _play outputs the ordered initiative scores
  • _end clears the initiative data (ready for a new round)

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