Initial Bounty Offerings are a way to crowdsource human resources, business development, marketing and user acquisition for blockchain technology ecosystems, by offering network tokens in exchange for contributions to the ecosystem

ICO's are the most common method to kickstart blockchain ecosystems. IBO's are more challenging to launch, but result in greater participation, fairer distribution, greater inherent virality, and greater growth and adoption than ICO's. ICO participation is generally restricted to crytocurrency holders, while IBO's are accessible to anyone in the world, including BILLIONS of people who have no access to capital.

Participation in ICO's requires capital, while participating in IBO's requires human time and skills. IBO's can include investment as part of their crowdfunding model.

We use a smart contract to distribute bounties using any erc20 token of your choice. The three types of bounties are Normal Claim, Infinite Claim, and Milestone Claim bounties. Our dApp allows people to easily complete bounties and directly receive tokens for their contributions.

Next steps are auditing contracts for bugs, developing more types of bounties.

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