Heres the whole story: The main motivation for the project came from problems associated with having to tick your name of at a lecture as an attendee, or, from the organisers point of view, to make sure that everyone who was expected to attend was acounted for. We though this was a slow and ineffecient process which could be streamlined by use of an app and phone location services. We thought that by making use of a users phone location (and assuming the user actually had their phone ofc), we could provide a form of automatic position validation, and therefore electronically gather the registrations of those attending an event. This data could then be fed back to the event administrators such as the organisors of an event or the lecturer through the use of the dynamoDB back end to our website. Also, due to app being able to continuously sample the users location, the app could provide data as to people who have left events halfway through, meaning the organisers do not have to waste the time looking for them if they are supposed to be accounted for. The hardest part of this project was without a doubt implimenting an Amazon AWS system, as none of the team had used it before. Both the API integration with our webpage code as well as the lambda function interaction with the DynamoDB was a learning curve for the team. But a bit of “consultation” with experts (/help pages and youtube) pushed the team through it. Our main accomplishmettns as a team: we got AWS to do something vaguely useful. We learnt how to use the AWS lambda functions, DynamoDB, API, corona and weird python (which apparently isn’t in the lecture notes) all in one day.

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