Talking with Chris from Microsoft about how much of a pain it is to program his SPDS :)


What it does

Input your favorite song*, and IM automatically samples, slices, categorizes, and organizes the component elements into a playable sample kit.

How I built it

It's not built yet! But thanks to the input of several participants, creators, and sponsors (especially Ilya, Mitch, CJ, Cole, Rush, Patrick, and the reps from Microsoft) I've been able to develop an approach.

Challenges I ran into

Not being a coder!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I knew just practically zero about machine learning before this weekend. Now I feel confident about a practical application in a product with qualitatively validated market opportunity.

What I learned

How valuable it is for Product folks to know how things are built, if not how to actually build them.

What's next for Inifnity Machine

Building the data set, finding ML-savvy devs, and devs with experience building plugin instruments.

Built With

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