Intrapreneurship: Acting like an entrepreneur within a larger organization. The term is derived from a combination of "intra" or internal, and "entrepreneurship." Intraprenuers are usually highly self-motivated, proactive and action-oriented people who are comfortable with taking the initiative, even within the boundaries of an organization, in pursuit of an innovative product or service.

From the Facebook “like” button to Google AdSense and Gmail, we’ve seen that some of the greatest innovations come from the free flowing ideas of companies' own employees. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to get enough support and visibility within a company to make these ideas a reality. Our application, inHouse, creates a Community for Innovation similar to Kickstarter that harnesses the creative energies and insights of companies' own employees for new potential products.

inHouse creates a dynamic community similar to the stock market where users contribute tokens to show support for their co-workers' ideas and concepts. Employees can move their tokens between ideas as new ones develop, and they can support ideas in proportion to their belief in its potential for success by the amount of tokens they invest. This community becomes a test bed for evaluating the potential of new products.

Salesforce Chatter is implemented into the application so that users can post about ideas that they support.

"58% of managers are either very willing or extremely willing to support employees who want to capitalize on a new business opportunity within their company." [From]

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