When thinking of Ingrid, we were inspired by the rapid change the corona-virus caused in our education system. Online and virtual education apps are more popular than ever, but as the industry grows, students have to manage more and more apps. Many students have felt unmotivated & overwhelmed this year, and we wanted to find a way to combat that.

What our app does?

Our app Ingrid, provides students a way to see all their data in one place, helping them see the bigger picture. The idea is, we allow for a multitude of extensions and the user can pick and choose which apps they want to add for a full customizable progress-tracker experience. After adding the extensions they want, we automatically track their progress. We also added a streaks feature which is maintained by completing a single activity everyday to keep students motivated.

Problems we faced:

One big problem we faced was finding extensions to add to our app. We found that many education focused APIs have been deprecated or need approval from the institution, so we had to look for other ways to gather information through unofficial APIs.

Accomplishments we're proud of

One thing we are really proud of is the design of our project. Regarding brand and UI design, we really love how everything turned out. Everything is really colourful and fun to appeal to students and the animation is also super clean. The front-end is also responsive & simple, and it's very intuitive for the user. Another thing we are proud of is getting Duolingo to work with GraphQL since it was through an unofficial API!


For the front-end, we used NextJS for fast render updates. We also used Material UI to keep a consistent theme across our web application. For the backend we used Typescript, GraphQL with Apollo server.

Future of Ingrid: For the future, the main plan is to simply add more extensions. Our platform is very scalable and we want to take full advantage of our extension system. Some APIs we couldn’t access because we needed approval for the keys, like Udemy. We plan to add those first, and we’re keeping our eye out for more!

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