Ingredion - Cal-Hacks-6.0

Connect the Spoonacular API with Google Cloud! As the old saying (or modern meme goes) there is food at home! But haven't we all opened the fridge and pantry not knowing what to cook? Just imagine how many odd food items spoil just because we can't think of something to cook with the ingredients we have left. If only a snapshot of these ingredients we had could lead to both less food waste and a nice warm meal! Our idea came from humble beginnings. My mom wanted an app that would allow her to search for a cooking recipe based on ingredients. Though the app she wanted already existed, we found a way to add extra functionality to it. Allow her to take a picture of her pantry/refrigerator and have it automatically list the ingredients she has, to be uploaded to the cooking app. For this task, we thought Google's vision API would be a perfect fit! We built our server backend using Node.js, and then spent a long time trying to learn React to build a user interface. Eventually, though, we gave up on React, and decided to use a simple html/css document to serve as the frontend for our demo. We were able to get a user to upload a photo and send it to Google vision before the deadline, and by then we had all decided that this project would be our learning supplement. Needless to say, we came nowhere near the finish project we had envisioned and hoped for in our minds, mostly because none of us had the fully developed skills to bring an app from an idea to a basic demo; however, we had expected as much. In working on the project we have gained experience in writing code for frontend, backend, moving data, implementing APIs, and so much more. We've expanded our knowledge set and awareness of the knowledge we lack, so we know where to go next on the road to becoming developers.

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