Every year, poor diets are responsible for a staggering 11 million deaths worldwide. That's approximately one in every five deaths globally. Even more concerning, one out of every four people has a restricted diet due to medical conditions like diabetes or allergies, resulting in adverse health effects not only for themselves but also for their loved ones. But not everyone has the financial means to hire a dietitian who can inspect and advise on every food intake. With the power of AI, especially when powered by Cohere, and the use of cutting-edge technologies like the MongoDB database and mobile applications, we have created a powerful tool that can save lives, improve health, and save money. Our app allows you to spend quality time with those who matter most to you and engage in activities that you love, all while maintaining a healthy diet and preventing disease.

What it does?

Ingredify is a mobile app designed to help individuals keep track of their food intake and provide them with insightful analysis of the ingredients in their meals. With Ingredify, users can simply take a photo of their food, and the app will read and analyze the nutrient facts for them, providing a quick and easy way to stay on top of their daily food consumption. Users can also create a personal profile to track their daily food intake, store data such as health conditions and preferences, and get personalized recommendations based on their unique needs. Ingredify also has a built-in feature that can answer questions such as "What are the ingredients in this meal?" and "What are the typical nutrient facts for this food?" With all of these features combined, Ingredify is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to improve their eating habits, manage their health, and achieve their fitness goals.

How we built it

We built our Ingredify app using the latest technology to ensure the best user experience. We used React Native Expo, a widely-used framework that helps in developing cross-platform mobile applications. Our app integrates with MangoDB, a NoSQL database system that provides flexibility and scalability. To read nutrition facts from photos, we utilized Cohere AI's prompt generation, which converts unstructured data into machine-readable format for analysis. Additionally, we integrated, an open-source OCR engine that converts images of nutrition facts into text that can be stored and analyzed. By using these cutting-edge technologies, we were able to create an app that accurately reads and analyzes nutrition information, allowing our users to make informed decisions about their diet and improve their overall health.

Challenges we ran into

When we set out to create Ingredify, we knew that it wouldn't be easy. There were so many obstacles in our way, and it seemed like the odds were against us. But we had a passion for using technology to help people make better choices about what they eat, and we were determined to make it happen. One of the biggest challenges we faced was figuring out how to extract information from photos of nutrition facts. We knew that this was a critical piece of the puzzle, but it was no easy task. We tried everything we could think of, but nothing seemed to work. Then, we stumbled upon, and it was a game-changer. With this tool, we were able to convert images of nutrition facts to text, which made it possible for us to read nutrient facts from photos and add them to a user's personal profile. We were thrilled, but we knew there were still more challenges ahead. Next up was integrating all of our tools, including React Native Expo, MongoDB, and Cohere AI. It was no easy feat, and there were plenty of late nights and frustrating moments. But we persevered, knowing that we were creating something special that could change lives.

What's next for ingredify

There are several future implementations and usage for our Ingredify app. One potential usage is for it to be integrated into various health and fitness tracking devices, such as Fitbit or Apple Watch. This would allow users to easily track their food intake and receive real-time feedback on their progress. Another future implementation is to partner with grocery stores and food delivery services to provide personalized recommendations based on users' health conditions and dietary preferences. Additionally, we plan to continue enhancing the app's AI capabilities to provide even more accurate and comprehensive analysis of food ingredients and nutrition facts. Overall, our goal is to make Ingredify a go-to app for anyone looking to improve their health and make informed food choices.

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