In the current world, we all agree that there is a need for our cities to be smarter for a sustainable tomorrow. A place, where there is effective town planning, traffic is smooth for an efficient transportation system, the public is safe as well as the disaster & emergency management is so robust that the authorities can handle the situation efficiently.

With the advancement in Industrial IoT platforms and Big Data Analytics, we believe this is very much possible. Large scale sensor data ingestion, analytics and real-time insights can be made available with a robust cloud hosted platform - Predix. And so, was born Ingenio, which can provide the right information, at the right time, to the right people.

Ingenio is a platform for the Civic Authorities, Local Bodies and the Citizens, all together, who can use it to build the Smart Cities of Tomorrow.

What it does

Ingenio is your City’s smart platform which integrates Government Open Data and Live Sensor Data from the Streets to provide insights, analytics and live alerts for efficient town planning and day-to-day living.

Historical government open data on Accidents, Crime and 311 requests, is combined with real-time live sensor data for Traffic, Pedestrians, Parking & Camera Feed along with state-of-the-art Anomaly Detection to present the below Features:

  • Town Planning & Civic Analytics provides Historical & Predictive analytics to aid Civic authorities take Data driven decisions on Traffic Planning & Public Safety. Data Sets included are Accident prone areas, Crime sensitive regions and 311 service requests.

  • Situational Awareness Tool provides real time traffic, pedestrian & weather updates which can aid the Disaster Relief Teams during disasters. 911 details and fire station details are also provided for each location. Real-time Camera feed is also available for every street.

  • Live Civic Anomaly Alerts are provided for unusual Traffic or Pedestrian activity using Anomaly Detection. Areas which are most likely to be affected by Crime, Accidents and 311 requests are also provided based on the current hour, to help the authorities plan their workforce.

  • Smart Parking Assistance helps you find the nearest free parking spot in real time, along with navigation support. This reduces the time you spend trying to find a vacant spot near your destination. It also constantly monitors the parking spot availability once you have selected it as your destination and gives you real-time changes, if any.

  • Business Analytics & Demographics provide details on best place to do business based on population activity. You can determine the busiest neighborhood based on pedestrians and traffic, and on basis of hour of the day, in order to determine where and when your business will sell. Also get detailed Demographics for each of the Neighborhoods, courtesy Pitney Bowes GeoLife API.

How we built it

Ingenio is hosted on the Predix platform and is available as a responsive web application, through a Node.JS Web Server.

Ingenio uses the below GE Current APIs to use the Sensor data on Street Lights:

  1. Intelligent Environments Public Safety service - To get live details of Pedestrian counts
  2. Intelligent Environments Traffic Planning service - To get live data of Traffic - Speed and Vehicle Count
  3. Intelligent Environments Parking Planning service - To get real time information of availability of parking spots
  4. Intelligent Environments Public Safety service - To get real time images and videos of public places

Other GE Predix Catalog Services are also used for User Authentication, Location Intelligence by Pitney Bowes, Analytics Catalog, Trend Anomaly Detection.

Since simulated data was available for San Diego, we have built a prototype for this city, along with data from San Diego Open Data Portal. All of these data, including historical sensor data, was downloaded into a staging database, on top of which Analytics was run to get insights. Data was also geo-referenced against the communities & Neighborhoods of San Diego to get geo-aware insights.

The dashboards were created using Bootstrap and D3.JS, and hosted on the Node.JS Web Server, which directly communicates with Predix APIs for Authentication, Authorization and to fetch the live data from the Intelligent Environments services.

Challenges we ran into

Predix Assets were limited with simulated data available. And so, the actual machine learning and predictions which we had initially thought of, was not possible. With more sensor data, the prediction models can be built and make Ingenio a more powerful platform.

Also, at times, Analytics Runtime Service does not give expected output, with exceptions thrown. Predix Support were really helpful, but we had to simulate the outputs in the prototype.

What we learned

Predix Platform for IIoT is a powerful and robust platform and with GE Current Light Sensors spread across the city, these can provide useful insights to build a better tomorrow.

What's next for Ingenio

Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning:

  • When more sensor data is available, the government open data can be statistically modeled against the traffic, pedestrian and weather data.
  • These models can help better predict the actual crime, accident and other casualties.
  • Based on predictions, authorities can take pro-active actions, like deploying more forces and planning their schedules.
  • Using feed-back loop, the models will be fine tuned on a regular basis and so, these insights, along with actions taken by authorities will help the city be smarter, safer and sustainable.

Use of Predix Views and other Services

  • Prototype is based on bootstrap & D3.JS based UI, which can be further enhanced by using Predix View Services
  • Anomaly Detection and other analytical services can also be used for better insights

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