It is all about value! Using the power of gamification to make bus advertisement more interesting and creating value for the bus company, customers and sponsors again.

What it does

Advertisements became boring lately as people stopped to respond to simple ads. Coupons are popular but in the flood of offers, nothing really stands out anymore. We are going to change that! What do people love more than freebies? They love to explore and hunt for treasure. We combined classic elements of an urban exploration game with modern technology. This incredible combination of elements forms a win-win-win situation for everyone participating.

How we built it

We built Android and iOS apps inside the angularJS framework.

Challenges we ran into

Inventing and fine-tuning an engaging game concept for our app and some minor technology aspects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did it!

What we learned

As an interdisciplinary team with totally different backgrounds and professions we had to get into the topic of gamification, create and idea and adapt new things to it. No-one on the team had worked on a gamification project in the past and we are proud that it turned out so well.

What's next for Paper Chase

Further work on the game concept and improve the game dynamics for all involved parties.

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