Application developers want to visualize how their users are using it and find patterns hidden in the data. The tool helps developers log data and run detailed analytics on it.

What it does

Data Analytics Log Manager helps collect log data and provides tools to analyze this data.

It provides a lot of flexibility on the type of log data. A single log entry can contain multiple arbitrary key value pairs (Let's say "application" => "Test App", "event" => "Clicked on Wiki" and so on). The analytics tools are powerful as well as easy to use. We aim to make complex analytics easy for not only programmers but also other users such as researchers, managers, designers etc. who may not have prior exposure to programming.

Data Analytics Log Manager provides the following:

An API for receiving log data from multiple applications and storing them in a database (currently PostgreSQL).

Tools to analyse this data. It is possible to filter the data, create a parent-child relationship (by let's say grouping the data by username and visualizing logs for various usernames as child tables), add synthetic/computed data (let's say the number of times the user performed a particular action) etc.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

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