What it does

The idea is to connect high school students together into an agriculture/technology club that learns about agriculture and technology and how to integrate them. It can be done for absolutely 0 cost and started immediately. It only requires someone to run with the idea. (Feel free to do so)

How I built it

Google Docs.

Challenges I ran into

Originally I wanted to make a scheduler platform that would allow high school students to work on local farms and learn new skills. However after speaking with an expert on the subject, i realized this was a bad idea that would not work for the following reasons.

  1. Because there is more to farming than just the picking of fruit. The season starts in april and ends in november meaning students would have to work outside of the summer break
  2. Temporary Foreign Workers can work for less than minimum wage if they agree to it.
  3. There are many semi-automated and heavy machines that help run a farm that many people would not trust to a high school student.

There is no way that a traditional technology solution can currently fix the economic issues involved in this problem with some sort of magic wand. So i had to think outside of "using technology" phrase. We need people to put the time into the next generation of youth and specifically in Lincoln and Beamsville we have the resources to do just that. They just need to be put into the same room (or zoom meeting).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

The economics of how farming is done currently are extremely broken. This limits the use of technology within the space at this time since labour is extremely cheap. No one wants to pay for technology that isn't proven yet and is expensive for specialize tasks.

What's next for Infrastructure Challenge

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