When brainstorming potential project ideas, we wanted to take into consideration accessibility. We wanted to create a game that one could play on the go, like during 20-minute restaurant wait. The FLIR One Camera allows for the game to be played on top of any smooth, nonreflecting surface and because the players draw with his/her fingers, you don’t even need a pen.

How it works

Infrapic utilizes the FLIR ONE to play a drawing game similar to Pictionary. At the start of each player’s turn, the phone randomly generates a word and the player sketches the key word using their fingertips. Then, the other player watches a video recording of the drawing and guesses the word. If the player is able to correctly guess the word, then he/she receives 1 point. Otherwise, no point is awarded. The two players switch roles and play again until a player reaches 5 points.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing the abstract idea to code was a challenge. I have done simple iOS development before but have not made a full app. It was another challenge to learn how the language works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We accomplished to make a usable game app that actually works and can have fun with it over the weekend!

What I learned

Objective-c programming language, general idea of how to make iOS app, Flir one SDK

What's next for InfraPic

Incorporate online gaming server that will connect gamers throughout the world. Image enhancer for the virtual chalk board

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