StuyHacks VIII 2019 George Liang, Joe Suzuki, Jon Lu, Arizit Pal is a multiplayer drawing game that uses OpenCV to detect a wand that the drawer uses to draw a shape that is randomly generated by a list. This hack was inspired by

A game starts with a player that chooses and draws an object using motion captured from the wand, then other players try to guess what the drawer has drawn. Points are awarded to players that guess correctly and quickly.


Our CV has two blurs, a medium blur and a Gaussian blur as well as multiple tuning factors to ensure reliability of the detection of the wand.

Our game also has a chat system that uses and node.js to allow players to communicate with each other, as well as allowing to guess what the object being drawn is.

To implement all of these features, we had to learn a lot about how to integrate many different concepts and platforms. For example, we had to learn how to integrate OpenCV with JavaScript and work with live video, rather than a still frame. We also had to learn how to implement into our chat system.

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