Tom is from the F&A unit of an institutional customer of Bank and is logged on to a third party portal. Tom wants to have an aggregated view of all accounts and their balances that his company owns at the bank and/or with other banks. To have the consolidated view, the commercial banking customers have tough time to manually enquire to bank staff or log on to each banks online banking account individually and check the accounts and balances. This is a lengthy process, leads to loss of productivity, delivers poor customer experience as well as results into errors/ ineffective investment decisions.

What it does

A conversational Chatbot & Alexa based solution enabling Account Aggregation and Balance Checks process seamlessly accessible to end customer.

Provides ‘Knowledge HelpBook’ accessible to users 24/7 to enquire and know details about various areas that Contextual domain Chatbot/Alexa could handle.

Improves Customer Experience and reduces Average Handling Time (AHT) of the individual transaction with Interactive Seamless Banking.

Chatbot/Alexa improves efficiency, offers faster decisioning, and creates a culture of high responsiveness by resolving user queries instantly.

Easily integrates with Finastra APIs and other applications via REST based APIs. Supports wide variety of channels like FB, Skype, Slack etc. to converse using chat and execute banking transactions in fastest manner.

How we built it

Solution highlights two main features:

  1. Conversational Skill (Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Cortana)
  2. Chat Bot (Infosys Speedy) using Infosys Nia ChatBot Solution

The Integration Layer: It acts as adapter between OpenAPIs & conversational solutions as highlighted above, gives clear advantage of adding new conversational technology or integration with new OpenAPIs, reduces change & thus fastens time to market.

Challenges we ran into

Main task was to build integration layer. This should cater requirements of different conversational devices. Like screen size, sentence length etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With above solution we can provide good end user experience to bank users having their all banking needs at single place be it ChatBot or Customer personal conversational devices.

What we learned

Banking with conversational has some security + ease of use to take into consideration. Like customer authentication via his/her voice verses OTP. Two factor authentication.

What's next for Infosys - The Navigator Team

Team will focus more on to make robust, modular, scalable integration layer.

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