There is no skill to find shows with Alexa in France and it's really useful, in my opinion, to be able to ask Alexa when we wonder what to do to go outside.

What it does

List shows in France for a specific department. It can also list most famous shows to help to make a choice. When when tap on a show in the list we can get date, city, theater name, artist names, prices and short description. Alexa will pronounce everything you see on screen.

How I built it

I used Amazon Lambda with node and ask framework. I started my APL document from editor and then edit them by hand.

Challenges I ran into

My APL was not showing at the beginning and I had no device log to understand why. Also the button to test on a real device from the editor was not working. I faced also another strange problem. It seems on real device the picture of the shows was not consider as valid because of SSL certificate but on my browser and on the test interface it was working well. I had to made an image proxy on Elastik Beanstalk to make them show up on device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I had a functionality which I wish it will be useful for lots of person who wonder what to do to go out.

What I learned

APL was new to me. I feel like I still have to create skill using APL to really feel comfortable with it. I hope to be able to improve the skill even after this challenge.

What's next for Infos Spectacles

I would like to add some filters for dates, genre or any other useful filters. I will also try to improve the APL UI with feedback I will receive from people using it around me.

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