Our team was inspired to create an application that would assist users in having easy access to important changes in the world around them. In today’s age of information, we are often flooded with varying news sources making it difficult to pinpoint significant data in the world around us. We found two issues the most pressing - climate and healthcare data. InformPlatform is a useful and efficient web application that provides trustworthy data to notify users of anomalies in the world around them and makes them well-informed citizens.

What it does

InformPlatform is an information source for users to learn about anomalies in climate and diseases. It provides easy to understand information with a seamless UI to make information easier to receive than ever! Users can enter a location and use the information to stay safe, aware, and warn others about these anomalies.

How we built it

We decided to use trustworthy APIs to feed in information about these topics and then run statistical tests in Python on the data to check for anomalies. We used a t-test algorithm to compare current data to historical data. If the algorithm indicated that the current data was out of the ordinary, an alert is sent to users to inform them of this change. We also used a ReactJS frontend to create a seamless UI that would allow for optimal user experience. A user can use the search bar to search for the desired location and is given back current data along with an indication of if the data is significant or not. They can search for either climate or disease information.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we encountered were setting up and learning different technologies. We switched our tech stack a few times during the project requiring us to translate code into different languages. We also did not know about different frameworks such as Flask and Django while initially implementing our project, so we had trouble combining our frontend and backend. In addition, working in different time zones made it difficult for us to work synchronously as it was night for some when it was day for others. Overall, we overcame these challenges and turned them into learning experiences to create our final project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to create a useful resource for our users to gain clarity of climate and healthcare information in any area they desire. This way, they only have to type in their city to see if they are at risk of dangerous weather or if disease cases are rising. Also, an accomplishment is that we were able to learn so many new technologies and languages and implement them in such limited time. For example, we learned JavaScript and Python for the first time.

What we learned

As our team is comprised of beginners, we learned a lot of new technical skills during this project. We experimented with different methods of setting up the project including Azure Static Web Apps, Flask, Node.js, Firebase, and ReactJS. We even learned new languages including Python and JavaScript to create the project. One of the most important takeaways was figuring out how to combine backend and frontend using frameworks into one product. In addition, we learned from each other development styles and how to work as a team, especially virtually and in different time zones.

What's next for InformPlatform

In the future, we plan to grow the project by including creating pop up notifications and applying AI algorithms to train the program to detect these changes instead of having to manually input the files.

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