InformedTraveler is a web application written completely in ReactJS with MaterialUI and an Node/Express.JS backend. It was designed to answer a simple need - an air travel planning system that helps users account for various forms of risk and environmental impact. We categorized the risk into four indicies - Covid Risk, Homicide Index, Corruption Index, and CO2 Index.

What it does

On the home screen, users have two primary ways of interacting with the system.

A, the user can fill out the fields at the bottom center of the application. The required entries are arrival airport code, departure airport code, trip type, relevant dates, and their selected cabin class. After hitting search, a list of flights will be returned (sample data for today) from the origin to the destination. On the quick summary view, information like price, CO2 emissions, and two drop downs are present. The first, "Detailed Flight Information," breaks the flight down into legs. The detailed pane includes flight number, departure time, aircraft type, time enroute, distance, and departure date. Under the second dropdown, information related to risk is available. The Covid, Homicide, and Corruption scores are calculated on a 100 point scale from recent data.

B, the user can click on the search bar at the top right and enter a query. The closest match area and airport will be displayed with a map pinpoint and the same four risk/consideration statistics. This tool can be used to research any city or area in the world without the requirement of a trip or flight. The system will return the three key risk factors: COVID status, homicide index, and corruption index.

How we built it

We started with most of the front end to build the structure to send and recieve data to the APIs. Then we developed the server and wrote the node backend to support the project. The last item on the list was getting the map working to display markers!

Challenges we ran into

Building the map backend was challenging due to its dynamic interface and changing position with each query. The infrastructure to pull from multiple APIs, as well as the efficient searching algorithms to get the wide range of data we needed for our indices took some time as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud of how InformedTraveler came out in just 24 hours! We have a fully functional application that provides concentrated data in one place that we haven't seen anywhere else. As a team, we're excited to continue its development and turn it into something truly unique, and that we will use ourselves!

What we learned

Both of us learned a lot from this activity. Grayson and Aaron are future roommates at MIT and were able to have a blast tackling the challenge and learning about one another through coding! We also both learned something new about react, node, or git from one another. It was a memorable experience!

What's next for InformedTraveler

We plan to launch the web application with live data in the coming days and would like to build it into a Swift app down the road for a truly mobile experience. Also on the list is to improve and expand some features of the application including better suggestion recognition, mobile responsiveness and data efficiency.

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