For MedHacks 2018, we chose the Open Science track.

InforMED makes translational research articles from high-impact journals accessible for patients and their families who are very interested in the latest research about their diseases.

These high-impact papers are currently cost-prohibitive and esoteric for the average patient - they are hidden behind paywalls, dense, and full of jargon. In order to solve that problem, we created a platform on which academics with field specific knowledge and access to these high-impact papers through their institutions can collaborate and summarize articles on a wikipedia level, allowing patients and other interested members of the general public to read these summaries and understand the content of article, without having to purchase the paper. PhDs, postdocs, and qualified undergraduates can all get verified accounts to add summaries of papers they have read for their research. In return, they will get recognition for their contributions which others in their field can see. This establishes credibility and rewards academics for staying updated with the newest research in their field. This also provides a platform for academics to solidify their understanding of papers by working on a summary together.

In addition to the summary of the articles, there is also a community-based forum below each article that allows people to discuss the ideas in the articles, ask questions, and reply to each other. Both verified academic accounts and general accounts can participate in this forum. An upvote-based system allows relevant and interesting discussions to rise to the top.

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