Well we were together brainstorming about a problem to tackle and a suitable and lasting solution to it, when Femi (a group member / friend) came up with the idea of plant disease detection

What it does

An AI application that detects the plant diseases based on images (from camera or gallery), gives detail information about the disease from the neural network we created and as well as available chemicals for cure and other details by scraping information about the disease from the web. We added translation to any language to eases user interaction with the system.

Limited by the Dataset (images of disease plant) we could get we were only able to work with the following plants :

  1. Tomato
  2. Pepper
  3. Potato

How we built it

We decided to make it a mobile based application as most users to use the system have a smartphone. We used ionic and Angular so as to battle cross-platform problems (making it available for any type of device Android, iOS and Windows). Then used python and machine learning to build an API that does a information retrieval of the image captured.

Challenges we ran into

Well, the time frame was one, but as a programmer and developer that shouldn't be an excuse, to me i believe "our initial existence was to work against time". Also some plants having the same characteristics and components thereby bringing out different results. One worth to mention is collecting dataset to use to train our AI, we wrote our scrapper to efficiently scrape plant imagesm but of course this task can take a long time and resources, so we were specific about what images to scrape. We only scrape images of plant grrown by ffarmers in Nigeria.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Been able to enlighten but farmers, student and everyone at large about plants diseases, their effects, cure, prevention and natural ways of preventing them. Also, the issue of differentiating plants from each other. Lastly, we are happy to have been able to meet up with the time given and we are sure to blow away everyone's mind.

What we learned

Well, we've learnt time management skills, developed and upgraded our programming skills, different ways to solve solutions, how to compete in an Hackathon and personal development for each one of us in the group

What's next for Plant Disease Recognition System

There is more room for improvement for the system, like, addition of real time plant growth simulation based in input factors and so on.

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