the inspiration came from just going at a historical monument and not being able to see the information of a monument or its not having enough information, and the fact that tourists will have more information as well.

What it does

the effect shows information of a monument, information you may not find at the site on their signs due to corrosion or damage

How we built it

we used Spark AR Studio and with the help of Spark AR Library

Challenges we ran into

one of the challenges was getting the movements of the object to sync with the users touch

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are proud of the fact that we will help educate persons about our history

What we learned

we learned that Spark AR Studio is a very versatile software and the possibilities of creating projects are endless.

What's next for Information center

we will go on a mission to get all the monuments and historical places in Guyana their very own GIC which will help Fellow citizens and Tourists.

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