A 2018 HackXX Projet by Eunice Chan and Matthew Chan

What's the problem?

There is no true centralized database for dog microchip information, and the data is spread across dozens of different private producers. For a medical provider who wants to use this database, they often have to pay fees or purchase specialized equipment to access the information on the microchip. This leads to even further decentralization as different incentives lead different medical professionals to choose different services.

How we solved this problem

We used a customized, intertwined blockchain to create a ledger of all the operations and information for every single dog that can be verified by every user of the program. Every operation ever created is recorded in the main blockchain, but each individual dog also stores data for its own chain, allowing easy reverse access to all of that dog's data. This also increases security by exponentially increasing the difficulty of modifying the chain while the blockchain network is still small.

The reason we wanted to use a blockchain to implement our data aggregation solution is because this storage format allows users to host their own information and access all the information on the chain without need for a central server.

We sought to create an easy-to-use and simple ui design to attract users and make it easier to find the data that they need. This is especially useful for medical professionals and animal rescue specialists who need to access a lot of information quickly and efficiently.

Finally, our blockchain essentially implements a torrent network for the information that allows data to be partially traded, copied, and stored on multiple computers so that the access speed is always fast and losing parts of the network will not create information loss.

What we used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Jade
  • The internet
  • my mom
  • my dog
  • Blockchain technology
  • salsa and taro chips


Thank you!

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